SAFETY commitment ⁄ maintain a ZERO INCIDENT culture

Hettinger has experienced tremendous growth in the past four years. Coupled with our commitment to growth is our commitment to develop and maintain a “ZERO INCIDENT” culture.  

LEADERSHIP commitment ⁄ we lead from the front, not push from behind

Hettinger invests heavily in leadership development in relation to Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) because we believe that we lead from the front, not push from behind. Our leaders are required to complete three levels of HSE training. This training explains the Hettinger philosophy, program and expectations for health, safety and environmental success. Hettinger Leaders are also required to complete our OSHA 30 hour Supervisor Course and other pertinent training for them to be successful in their positions. They identify and mitigate work hazards by developing safe work procedures for each job. They are the primary trainers of their employees. Finally, they team with the HSE Department to improve the compliance performance of their employees.


Hettinger believes that training in the HSE area is key to success. We couple our new employee orientation training with a requirement to complete the OSHA 10 hour Employee Course. All employees participate in weekly training (26 hours annually) conducted by their supervisor/leader and our monthly safety meetings. We continually evaluate and upgrade our training to stay ahead of the desires of our customers and our own goal to develop a highly professional workforce.


The 21 dedicated health and safety professionals of the HSE Department consult and assist leaders at all levels. They conduct field/departmental compliance audits, evaluate HSE success at each level and develop and conduct training. The safety team investigates incidents and monitors compliance with Hettinger HSE policies, including substance abuse.

Safety on Walkways and Roofs

We have recently installed roof deicing systems from Calorique to insure all walkways are free of ice and roofs do not create dangerous ice dam and falling icicles. The dramatic growth experienced by Hettinger has been matched by our success in the areas of Health, Safety and Environmental compliance. The dramatic reduction of workplace injuries and lost time places us squarely on the path to success and our goal of a “ZERO INCIDENT” culture.
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