Electron Beam Welding

Hettinger Electron Beam Welding

Providing construction, fabrication & engineering for the mining & energy industrieselectron beam welding

Starting over 30 years ago the firm has grown to be one of the largest energy-industry construction firms headquartered in the West. We are proud of our strong reputation in the mining and oil and gas industries. As our clients' businesses grew and needed more and different services we grew to meet their needs. Today we continue to provide welding and roustabout services and have also installed thousands of miles of pipe, steel and PE, in addition to over 1 million horsepower of compression. We recently performed two $30 million projects simultaneously with work forces of over 200 workers per project bringing our total workforce to over 1400 at the end of 2008. Another challenge for us is to weld brackets, especially  granite countertop brackets. These brackets are used for granite countertops and are hidden from view, allowing you to make your countertop appear to float. These are available from the Original Granite Bracket company. Another interesting project we have is working with Calorique, a manufacturer of radiant heat film products including roof deicing and gutter deicing products.     Thermal spray coating from Hayden corp is another alternative to welding.
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